DEL CORONA & SCARDIGLI SPAIN SLU has the AEO Authorized Economic Operator certificate (complete OEAF certificate of Customs Simplification, Protection and Security) effective from June 24, 2013 and granted by the Tax Agency with the number: ES AEOF 13000039YQ

AEO status in the form of an AEO is provided for economic operators established in the European Community who wish to benefit from the various simplifications specifically contemplated in Community customs legislation and which are related to customs inspections in terms of protection and security. . An Authorized Economic Operator meets, among others, the following criteria:

• History of compliance with customs requirements;

• An adequate system for the management of commercial and transport records that allows an appropriate customs control; 

• Accredited financial solvency; Y 

• Adequate standards for safety and security.

Advantages for the AEO:

• Easier to benefit from simplified customs procedures

• Prior notification

• Reduced data input requirements for entry and exit summary declarations

• Fewer number of physical and documentary checks

• Priority treatment of shipments if they are selected for inspection

• Ability to choose the inspection site

• Indirect benefits 

• Recognition as a partner that guarantees safety and security

• Improved relations with Customs

• Improvement of relations with other authorities of the Administration, and the recognition received from them

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